Liederbach & Graham Architects LLP is a Chicago-based architectural practice providing
extraordinary service in the design and production of carefully crafted buildings. Founded
in 1991 by Phillip J. Liederbach and R. Michael Graham, the twelve-person firm is
intentionally small to ensure a high level of personal attention to each client throughout the
architectural process. Liederbach & Graham is primarily interested in domestic and small
institutional commissions. The firm’s buildings are beautiful and well suited to the needs of
the users, responsive to project budget and project schedule. The Partners are directly
involved in the design, production, and management of each project within the office. Their
experience and passion for architectural excellence create an atmosphere conducive to
thoughtful collaboration between the firm’s sophisticated clients, expert consultants, and
talented staff. These qualities have established Liederbach & Graham’s reputation for
quality work produced through a challenging and intellectually rigorous process. The firm’s
numerous repeat clients indicate positive results and relationships.

Liederbach & Graham Architects LLP have been featured in the following publications:
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Architectural Digest
April 2016
June 2018
February 2020

Better Home & Gardens
May 2003

British Home & Gardens
June 2017

Building Stone
Fall 2017

Chicago Home and Garden
Fall 2002
September/October 2008

Elle Decor
December 2017
November 2019

Forest & Bluff
September 2018

Home & Gardens
June 2017

House Beautiful
February 2014

Instrospective Magazine
November 2018

Fall 2009
Winter 2015
Gold List Edition 2016

Modern Luxury Michigan Avenue
December 2018

Traditional Home
March 2000
October 2004
October 2005
February/March 2017

Volume 21, No. 3
Volume 21, No. 5

An Ideal Collaboration by Phillip Dodd
The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick
Great Country French Style

Acanthus Award for Excellence in Architecture for An Enduring Home in the City 2014
Acanthus Award for Excellence in Architecture for A Georgian Townhouse 2014
Acanthus Award for Excellence in Architecture for La Maison Jaune 2016
Acanthus Award for Excellence in Architecture for Wisconsin Lakeside Residence 2016
Acanthus Award for Excellence in Preservation and Restoration Adaptive Reuse 2017
Acanthus Award for Excellence in Architecture for A Chicago Apartment 2018
Tucker Design Award 2008
Winnetka Preservation Award 2015